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Benefits of using a one stop shop Pool Builder.

 After a long hiatus of not blogging, I thought I better get back on track, especially as the benefits of a one-stop shop pool builder can't be over-emphasized.  For a total backyard renovation you could expect to need several diverse subcontractors to complete the job. From the initial contact through the website or on the phone, through the information process, the contract process, the design process, and the permit process, many steps are involved.  If you think about the different skill sets needed, it can include everything from excavation, soil removal and disposal, grading, plantings, pool installation, concrete work, stone work, gas, electrical, fencing, and sometimes even plumbing.  A one-stop shop pool builder will ensure that things are done as timely and in a cost-efficient manner as possible.  When there are multiple contractors involved, each phase becomes more and more delayed as the time management and scheduling may become distorted.  We all have experienced what happens when multiple companies and their schedules are involved with their own projects and can't see eye to eye on the integration and timely management of all levels of construction.

We are your one-stop shop.  We have an in-house design team which works together every day to take your dream backyard concept from start to finish, from concept to concrete, from design to reality!  With our many years of combined experience, our design team will move your project from the estimate stage to the permit process stage, and even submit for the permit in many cases, making your legal red tape hassle-free.  After the permits are issued, we will commence your project.  We will manage all stages of the construction and installation of your pool, and your backyard finishing.


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