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Vinyl Pool liner Replacement

We at Leisure Pools of Toronto have been in the fiberglass pools industry since 2007. Not only are we specialists in fiberglass pools, but we are now pleased to announce that we offer Acufit Vinyl Liner replacements. Being one of the top fiberglass pool installers in Ontario, we strive to give our customers high quality workmanship with reasonable pricing. With the high demand over the last few years we have had owners of vinyl pools reach out to us wanting to replace their liners. As a result we have decided to have a dedicated crew to help replace old vinyl liners.

AcuFit Vinyl liners

AcuFit Vinyl liners are formulated to withstand the effects of sun, salt and automatic cleaner wear and tear. Liners are custom designed and fabricated incorporating proprietary sealing technology. Liner are Manufactured with attached Vinyl Over Steps, Benches, and Sundecks. Note: Color of pattern may vary, please contact us to see actual sample.

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In-Ground Vinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl Pool Liners ages over time whether it may be chemicals, acidity, mother nature or simply everyday wear and tear.
We can help you with all these issues and offer top quality vinyl liner replacement with the highest standard workmanship. We offer a wide range of patterns and designs to choose from, and would be happy to walk you through the perfect design that best suits your vision.

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