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Design, Build and Install Services

Please contact us so that we can provide you with a no obligation quote on Interlocking Walkways and Driveways, Ponds, Fencing, Gazebos, Landscaping Design, Raised or Ground Level Decks. Serving Toronto, Markham, Durham and the GTA.

Landscape Design

As a landscape design company, we take pride in ensuring the 100% satisfaction of our clients. It is our clients who have made us successful by referring us to others and by providing us positive feedback.

We have a comprehensive range of landscaping services from the initial development of a concept design, right through to the implementation of the final project.  

As a professional landscape designer, our talent and strength is in creating and developing multifunctional spaces for your backyard where families and friends can spend quality time in a pleasant environment.

A well considered landscape design concept with functionality, practicality, and personality serves to enhance the design as well as intangible elements such as lifestyle, convenience, personal interests, lot size, shape and topography.


Interlocking Projects

Simpatico Property Services Ltd provides a full range of services including interlocking stone walkways, steps, stone patios, garden walls, natural stone, water features, ponds and garden design. With more than 30 years experience in the Toronto area and surrounding regions, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our customers completely satisfied. Serving Toronto, Markham, Durham and the GTA.

Interlocking pavers give our customers' driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, and retaining walls beauty and durability. Our customers can choose from over fifty (50) different colours and pattern combinations. The broad selection in colours and patterns allows our customers to create a paver system unique to them and to their home.

Simpatico Property Services Ltd provides a one year warranty on all plants, shrubs, and trees from the date of planting, assuming proper client care and maintenance occurs. Simpatico Property Services Ltd also provides a one year warranty on all brick or stone work.


Carpentry | Woodworking
Of the many choices that Simpatico Property Services Ltd. offers you for the enhancement of your home and property, woodworking is a favourite. Our Carpentry and Woodworking services include such things as yard fencing, gates, awnings, arbors, gazebos, decks, trellis work, lattice work, and planters. Some of our features include playground equipment and decorative wishing wells. Of course many of these are either painted or stained to your specification. Consult with one of our designers today to get the look you want in your yard.  Serving Toronto, Markham, Durham and the GTA

Please contact us so that we can provide you with a no obligation quote on Property maintenance, Interlocking walkways, Ponds, Fencing, Gazebos, Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Gardens, and Snow / Ice removal. Serving Toronto, Markham, Durham and the GTA.
One of Our Design Projects


One of Our Interlocking and Pool Projects


One of Our Carpentry and Pool Projects

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Fiberglass Swimming Pools
We can create a backyard oasis for you and your family. Specializing in fiberglass swimming pool installations, landscaping services and property maintenance, Leisure Pools of Toronto is your one stop shop to create your own backyard retreat. Serving Toronto, Toronto West, Toronto East, Toronto North, Markham and the Durham region.